Trail Work in Paradise


Love this View


hiking back to camp was not easy

trail volunteers kachemak bay state park


End of the Day



After a dip in the ocean

ready for Mac N Cheese after a LONG day of working on trails

immature eagle

watching us walk by


on the beach


folding saw that disappeared

KBSP Work Party with Eric across the Bay. Spent 2 nights and worked on the “popular” trail from Glacier Spit towards Glacier lake. This time instead of whacking through thick jungle, we did preventative maintenance on a relatively clear trail. I mistakenly thought this might be easier than past trail work, but we camped 1.5 miles (of rocky beach w/a tidal creek crossing) away from the trail head and the bending tangled soap berry bushes amongst glacier rocks – made for VERY slow going with gas brusher, requiring lots of hand tools , bending over, raking & stopping often to let hikers go by. Any thoughts of a leisurely weekend on a popular trail went out the window and we came back sufficiently Tired And Happy! 
The 2nd night we watched humpbacks play & spout as we ate dinner. The Loons sang all night long and Bill had something large sniff his tent in the night. Jane & I went swimming in the ocean the 2nd night after work- it was so warm out! I have NEVER gone ocean swimming in Sept before! it was strange not to have a campfire (burn ban) but it was so warm nobody cared. We really had fun here and it was sad to leave.
The only odd thing: we had some tools laying on top of a tarp on the trail and a small folding handsaw disappeared from this pile. (Friends of Kachemak Bay State Park bought tools for trail volunteers & this is a great little saw) I added a photo of it here, spray painted green, with FRIENDS written on case you see it! We are really hoping a bear took it, not a human and it may show up on the trail! Happy Trails! #TrailVolunteeringISFun#LoveOurPark#KachemakBayStatePark#Grateful#WildTrails#BeautifulWeekend#FriendsofKachemakBayStatePark#SupportTrails

Against the odds- he did it

MS keep moving

MS did not stop him from racing

His left side does not listen, so walking is a struggle. But he can balance on a bike & ride!

Pat completed the Jakolof Bay 10 miler yesterday. 1300′ elevation gain over a hilly dirty muddy road and a left foot that kept slipping off the pedal & he came in smiling. He can’t use toe clips or anything to hold foot on because his left side can’t react to release & he’ll crash. With MS we never know what tomorrow will bring, but today he did what he set out to do against many odds. I’m so proud of him 🙏❤️💪 #grateful#inspired

Hell Hath Arrived with Bugs

Bugs & Lunch

trying to grab a bite with head nets on is not easy

Jan Lopping Alders

after lopping alders & devils club for 8 hours- you will be tired

Free Spirit Cycling Jerseys

Improvised bug suits

A new way to wear cycling jerseys !

Trail volunteers

Above Tree Line

hardy volunteers on one of the hottest days ever


Swimming in the Alaska Ocean

Nothing feels better than swimming in the ocean after a hOT day in hell with biting bugs

Extreme heat & massive black flies made trail clearing a bit like hell on Saturday but the dedicated volunteers along with myself pushed thru & cleared nettles & devils club all the way to tree line on (north) Grace Ridge. The HOTest & worst biting flies I’ve ever experienced in this part of Alaska- even above tree line- it was over 80° and no wind! It sure felt GREAT to be done and go swimming in the ocean. Without volunteers -the Kachemak Bay State Park trails would disappear.

Theatre & Fish Cleaning

pier one 1


fish caption


pier one

Going to a Play in our town is a different kind of cultural experience. We watched “Little Women” the other night at Pier One Theatre out on Homer Spit. First you have to find parking on the bumpy dirt area amongst the motorhomes, tents, and fisherman. Whoever comes from farthest away to see a play here gets a free cookie! Tonight is was someone from Australia. The restrooms are not in the theatre and the public restrooms are next to the fish cleaning tables. As I walked over, an eagle almost bumped it’s wing on my shoulder causing me to jump and landed above my head on the restrooms and glared down at me as I walked under. I need to go back for a photo- was too unsettled then to think to take it. At intermission when folks left the building at 9:30 pm intermission – in the land of the bright midnight sun, people were cleaning fish next to the rest rooms that are across the parking lot from theatre. The theatre folks walked amongst tourists and locals, some were carrying huge dripping salmon, some walking their dogs, and the eagle glared down at everyone . I love my little town at the end of the road.

Steep mud, snow, laughter, & bears

Alpine Ridge

Miranda & Sadie

Taking rest between one minute intervals.

Headed across the bay

Kathy driving the boat

kathy & Alison

Partners in Adventure

Hot and beautiful day on Alpine Ridge

Beautiful day across the Bay, up Alpine Ridge with time left to help my friend Alison clean a rental cabin on the way home! (High Seas House Keepers- that will be another blog LOL!)
I Thought Alison & Miranda would say no to Sixty /60 second intensity intervals going up this brushy steep mountain- to my chagrin they said HEcK YES – even Sadie my little rescue dog was psyched! We were imploding from heat- must have been 70 !! We ran out of mountain at 43 reps. lol Turns out I misread the workout – its wasn’t sixty 60s was 10 One minutes intervals with 10 resting one minute rests in between. So we did 43. Alison said next time SHE would read the workout. Miranda who is 30 years younger and training for a one day Mt Rainier ascent was happy with it.
The only other tracks we saw were bear tracks. The trail was brushy but do-able! LOTS of bugs. The steep sections were very slick and muddy luge runs- glad there were old ropes to hang on to. We got to about 2700′ and turned around near one of the ponds, I would want ski poles or ice axe for the steeper snow above that. We looked over the edge – where the landslide broke off in 1967. Scary! Sadie would not sit there- so i followed her instinctive wisdom down away from the edge while those 2 crazy ladies laid down and gazed over the edge about 2000′ down to the glacier lake.
NOTE: I was just informed that a Father and young son ( the only people we saw that day) just below where we had lunch, had headed back down & they were “stalked” for a mile by a black bear down in the thick brush. They had to “spray” the bear twice with bear spray which means it was really close and hopefully got it in the face- to teach it to avoid humans in the future. But that is SCARY predatory behavior. Next time besides bringing bear spray and making LOTS of noise with my friends, I will also carry a black garbage bag (to open up, fill with air and look really big & weird), an air horn and a flare.