Steep mud, snow, laughter, & bears

Alpine Ridge

Miranda & Sadie

Taking rest between one minute intervals.

Headed across the bay

Kathy driving the boat

kathy & Alison

Partners in Adventure

Hot and beautiful day on Alpine Ridge

Alpine Ridge
kathy & Alison

Beautiful day across the Bay, up Alpine Ridge with time left to help my friend Alison clean a rental cabin on the way home! (High Seas House Keepers- that will be another blog LOL!)
I Thought Alison & Miranda would say no to Sixty /60 second intensity intervals going up this brushy steep mountain- to my chagrin they said HEcK YES – even Sadie my little rescue dog was psyched! We were imploding from heat- must have been 70 !! We ran out of mountain at 43 reps. lol Turns out I misread the workout – its wasn’t sixty 60s was 10 One minutes intervals with 10 resting one minute rests in between. So we did 43. Alison said next time SHE would read the workout. Miranda who is 30 years younger and training for a one day Mt Rainier ascent was happy with it.
The only other tracks we saw were bear tracks. The trail was brushy but do-able! LOTS of bugs. The steep sections were very slick and muddy luge runs- glad there were old ropes to hang on to. We got to about 2700′ and turned around near one of the ponds, I would want ski poles or ice axe for the steeper snow above that. We looked over the edge – where the landslide broke off in 1967. Scary! Sadie would not sit there- so i followed her instinctive wisdom down away from the edge while those 2 crazy ladies laid down and gazed over the edge about 2000′ down to the glacier lake.
NOTE: I was just informed that a Father and young son ( the only people we saw that day) just below where we had lunch, had headed back down & they were “stalked” for a mile by a black bear down in the thick brush. They had to “spray” the bear twice with bear spray which means it was really close and hopefully got it in the face- to teach it to avoid humans in the future. But that is SCARY predatory behavior. Next time besides bringing bear spray and making LOTS of noise with my friends, I will also carry a black garbage bag (to open up, fill with air and look really big & weird), an air horn and a flare.

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