Theatre & Fish Cleaning

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pier one

Going to a Play in our town is a different kind of cultural experience. We watched “Little Women” the other night at Pier One Theatre out on Homer Spit. First you have to find parking on the bumpy dirt area amongst the motorhomes, tents, and fisherman. Whoever comes from farthest away to see a play here gets a free cookie! Tonight is was someone from Australia. The restrooms are not in the theatre and the public restrooms are next to the fish cleaning tables. As I walked over, an eagle almost bumped it’s wing on my shoulder causing me to jump and landed above my head on the restrooms and glared down at me as I walked under. I need to go back for a photo- was too unsettled then to think to take it. At intermission when folks left the building at 9:30 pm intermission – in the land of the bright midnight sun, people were cleaning fish next to the rest rooms that are across the parking lot from theatre. The theatre folks walked amongst tourists and locals, some were carrying huge dripping salmon, some walking their dogs, and the eagle glared down at everyone . I love my little town at the end of the road.

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