Trail Work in Paradise


Love this View


hiking back to camp was not easy

trail volunteers kachemak bay state park


End of the Day



After a dip in the ocean

ready for Mac N Cheese after a LONG day of working on trails

immature eagle

watching us walk by


on the beach


folding saw that disappeared

trail volunteers kachemak bay state park

KBSP Work Party with Eric across the Bay. Spent 2 nights and worked on the “popular” trail from Glacier Spit towards Glacier lake. This time instead of whacking through thick jungle, we did preventative maintenance on a relatively clear trail. I mistakenly thought this might be easier than past trail work, but we camped 1.5 miles (of rocky beach w/a tidal creek crossing) away from the trail head and the bending tangled soap berry bushes amongst glacier rocks – made for VERY slow going with gas brusher, requiring lots of hand tools , bending over, raking & stopping often to let hikers go by. Any thoughts of a leisurely weekend on a popular trail went out the window and we came back sufficiently Tired And Happy! 
The 2nd night we watched humpbacks play & spout as we ate dinner. The Loons sang all night long and Bill had something large sniff his tent in the night. Jane & I went swimming in the ocean the 2nd night after work- it was so warm out! I have NEVER gone ocean swimming in Sept before! it was strange not to have a campfire (burn ban) but it was so warm nobody cared. We really had fun here and it was sad to leave.
The only odd thing: we had some tools laying on top of a tarp on the trail and a small folding handsaw disappeared from this pile. (Friends of Kachemak Bay State Park bought tools for trail volunteers & this is a great little saw) I added a photo of it here, spray painted green, with FRIENDS written on case you see it! We are really hoping a bear took it, not a human and it may show up on the trail! Happy Trails! #TrailVolunteeringISFun#LoveOurPark#KachemakBayStatePark#Grateful#WildTrails#BeautifulWeekend#FriendsofKachemakBayStatePark#SupportTrails

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